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Swell Paddle + Surf

Get your paddleboard, surfboard and wetsuits right at the beach!

Swell Paddle + Surf is located on site at  the lower campground. Swell is known for its passion for getting you on the water, with fun, friendly staff to help you out, check them out for the easiest way to get on the water right here at Mackenzie Beach.

Swell Paddle + Surf also provides Paddleboarding lessons and tours as well as Surf lessons (starting in July).
Check out some of their basic pricing below and for more details you can find them at:


Paddleboard (SUP) Rentals
2 hr SUP   $29.00
6 hr SUP    $35.00

1 Day SUP    $39.00

Wetsuit Rentals
2 Hour Wetsuit    $15.00
6 Hour Wetsuit    $20.00
1 Day Wetsuit    $25.00

Surfboard Rentals
6 hr Surfboard    $24.00
1 Day Surfboard    $29.00

2 Day Surfboard    $53.00
3 Day Surfboard    $74.00

Paddleboard Tours/Lessons
2h Mac Beach SUP    $79.00

SURF lessons
Group surf lesson age 12+    $89.00

* surf lessons begin in July
** 2h and 6h rentals must be back by closing. Full day rentals are 24 hours.

*** All prices exclusive of tax and subject to change